GoBreedsNFT Collection


The game will be developed mainly for IOS and Android.

An Online Multiplayer RPG of exploration, resource management and PVP.

A great adventure in the world of GoBreeds is waiting for you…


This collection will have 750 NFTs, divided into 3 sets of 250 NFTs per set.

Each set will be launched until all 3 sets are completed, and each set will be made up of 4 tribes.

In the first set (S1), the tribes are Skull, Polar, Iron and Obsidian.


The GoBreedsNFT collection will have different special attributes and rarity ranges.

Ranks are divided into Soldiers & Looters (Common), Commanders & Healers (Uncommon), Standard Bearers (Rare), Shamans (Epic) Tribal Chiefs & Beasts (Legendary).

Attributes are defined in weapons, scars, weapon colours, earrings, Cardano and more.


As a future perspective of our project, we will develop a video game free to play–play to earn- and include GoBreedsNFT as a playable element.

Those who have purchased a NFT from the collection will have advantages in the game.

That’s why the holders of these NFTs will get interesting rewards…

– A new Roadmap will be created at the end of the third launch (S3) –



In Vadûm live four races of goblins, all of them occupy a piece of territory.

For centuries these four races of goblins have fought to maintain their territory and conquer the others in order to take over the continent.


This tribe is known for using the bones of their enemies to make weapons and armour.

They have survived for centuries by tracking and hunting prey for food.


The polar tribe lives in the coldest region of Vâdum, to protect themselves from the low temperatures they wear animal skins.

Moreover, they have a lot of resistance to cold. They are good fishermen.


These goblins have their villages within the mountains, they barely see sunlight and are dedicated to mining minerals to forge them and make powerful armor.

They spend most of their life inside the mountain and only go out in summer to get food and spend the rest of the year inside the mountain.


This tribe has developed using magma and obsidian to make tools for resources and weapons for battle.

After centuries inhabiting the bases of volcanoes, this tribe has been developing generation after generation a great resistance to heat and lava.


GoBreeds Rarity Table

A new world with different Goblin Breeds (S1)

Soldiers, looters, commanders, healers, shamans, standard bearers, tribal chiefs and beasts. 


-Soldiers from different tribes-

Collection Ranks

A view of the differente ranks we can find in GoBreedsNFT


Vâba World Map

*All tribes of the 3 SETS (1 Set per continent) of collection have the same ranks and number of Goblins per rank.*




We are in Vâba, a planet very similar to Earth but instead of being inhabited by humans, it is inhabited by Goblins. 

The planet is covered by water, there are 3 continents, Vadûm (S1), Vâtien (S2) and Vâldrem (S3). 

Four tribes of goblins inhabit each of the continents.

GoBreedsNFT Team

Oscar "Icy"

David "Mr.Showman"

2D/3D Artist

Graphic Designer

Game Designer


Blockchain Developer

Game Developer.

Full Stack Developer


GoBreeds (S1) Po
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